Freedom to Flourish

Claim Your Worth, Build Your Wealth, Flourish Financially

A Little About Me

I help women drop the struggle and step into peace, prosperity, joy, and flourishing. 

I know what it's like to struggle. I created a multi-seven-figure business only to be so burned out that I let it go along with everything else in my life; everything in my life was a struggle. I didn't know there was a different way to live. I mean, "life is hard" is what we are taught. But I learned in the two years I took to recover that there is a different way. We are meant to flourish with money, food, relationships, business, God, ourselves, and every other area of life. I learned how to create everyday happiness and what it means to live free and flourish. My passion is to teach as many women as possible that there is a way to live your dreams without sacrificing yourself. You can live your dreams and flourish!

Mentoring Group

 Rise to Flourish

To Flourish, you must rise out of the ordinary into the extraordinary.  You must think differently and live from your heart; you must be able to return to yourself and live in alignment with your God-given desires. You must be free to let go of the things that hold you back so you can rise out of the ashes and claim your crown of beauty.

Rise to Flourish is for Women Who Want to:

Achieve their goals without hustle and grind
Reclaim their dreams and build wealth
Live from a place of inner peace and alignment
Experience fun and pleasure as a high calling
Partner with God so your load is light

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